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fresh herbal tea herbs Las Vegas usa
kratom Wholesaling in Las Vegas usa
famous botanical gardens in Las Vegas usa
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We are a family owned U.S. based company.  My family including my wife and two kids have helped daily to grow our dream.  We take pride in everything we do and the dream is to help everyone we can.  Over the years we have grown from a small home facility outside of Pittsburgh and West Virginia.  Now with our current warehouse and advanced clean room facility in Las Vegas we can help more by lowering our prices and advocating across the entire US.


  Not only do we produce kratom capsules at our own line we also manufacture and bottle for many other botanical companies through the U.S. you may have tried.  Many have come to us after hearing of our quality and safety standards.

 We started in the botanical industry back in 2011.  We started out as average consumers just looking for the best product without the overseas bitter experience.  We found it was hard to find a trustworthy reasonably priced product.  This launched our endeavor to bring mitragyna speciosa capsules to as many people as possible.  No more waiting weeks or months for relief. 

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