We take what's already great and find a special combination that enhances the experience you are looking for. We have great strains for every time of the day. Everything from sunrise to sunset.


NEW MEAN GREEN BLEND AVAILABLE NOW- Our favorite greens with a splash of  GREEN 2x EXTRACT

NEW RAGING RED BLEND AVAILABLE NOW- Like the Mean Green but Red. So our favorite Reds with a 2x extract splash

SunRise- Our favorite blend to wake and shake to, very energetic

SunSet- A blend of a few of our favorite mellow strains to end the day with

Tropical Treat- Blend of  Green and Red for the perfect blend, Mid day energy with the relief as well

TrainWreck- A pinch of this, a pinch of that and boom you got a full spectrum experience

Chocolate Borneo- A Red Borneo leaf picked at a specific time and dried differently giving this its own special feel.


Special Blends Powder