Same Great Product Now Available In A Convenient Measured Capsule Form


All of our special blends now available in a convenient capsule form.  There is something available for everyone.  Everything from morning to night strains that will keep you going through out the day.


NEW MEAN GREEN BLEND AVAILABLE NOW- Our favorite greens with a splash of  GREEN 2x EXTRACT

NEW RAGING RED BLEND AVAILABLE NOW- Like the Mean Green but Red. So our favorite Reds with a 2x extract splash

SunRise- Our favorite blend to wake and shake to, very energetic

SunSet- A blend of a few of our favorite mellow strains to end the day with

Tropical Treat- Blend of  Green and Red for the perfect blend, Mid day energy with the relief as well

TrainWreck- A pinch of this, a pinch of that and boom you got a full spectrum experience

Chocolate Borneo- A Red Borneo leaf picked at a specific time and dried differently giving this its own special feel.



Our Capsules - size 000

Holds around .8-1 gram each


Competitor Capsules- size 00

Holds around .5 grams each


Special Blend K Tea Capsules