Same Great Product Now Available In A Convenient Measured Capsule Form


The most energenic of the strains.  Now available in a convenient capsule form.  Available in all strains and many sizes to match your needs.




Our Capsules - size 000

Holds around 1 gram each


Competitor Capsules- size 00

Holds around .5 grams each



We do not sell this product or any product on the website for consumption. The FDA has specific guidelines for selling “NFHC” products, and we adhere to those rules as best as possible. Vendors making claims about the product, answering any questions or acknowledging the consumption of the powder are risking the chance of being sued by the FDA, and will eventually be told to stop selling their product altogether. We do not answer these types of questions, and we would be wary of any vendor that does, as they are clearly showing that they do not care about the guidelines put in place by the FDA. Our goal is to be here for as long as possible, as it is already hard enough to find a reliable vendor with consistency, so we are going to follow the rules accordingly.

White K Tea Capsules